"A step in the enemy’s land," What does Trump aspire to achieve from his meeting with North Korean leader?
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"A step in the enemy’s land," What does Trump aspire to achieve from his meeting with North Korean leader?

The real dimensions of the meeting   President Trump wrote on his Twitter page as he traveled to Japan for the G20 summit, that he wants to meet the North Korean leader on the inter-Korean border for only two minutes and comes after the two sides failed to reach an agreement during the second meeting held in the city of "Hanoi" in March. Since after the second meeting, it was not possible to reach agreement between Pyongyang and Washington, it can be said here that Trump during this meeting focused on achieving his personal and electoral goals.   On the other hand, it can be said here that President Trump's attempts to fuel unrest on the Korean Peninsula, and comes in order to consolidate all the policies of the former US President Barack Obama in this region, after the visit, Trump said that earlier, Barack Obama appealed to the North Korean government to hold a meeting between the two sides, but the North Korean leader was not prepared to meet him. Thus, the meeting of the two sides in an isolated area last night was in order to win the American street vote for the "Trump" during the upcoming presidential elections, but this caused public discontent within the American street because they felt that President "Trump" wants to win the upcoming elections by exposing them to many nuclear threats.   Future Discussion   The most important priorities of US foreign policy in recent years are curbing China's encroachments, therefore, President Trump has made a lot of efforts to create severe tensions on the Korean Peninsula in order to disrupt the current regime in that region and create a new regime in which China is completely restricted. Therefore, after concluding his talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which was held in the presence of the South Korean president, Trump confirmed in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, that Washington does not plan to accelerate the events in the dialogue on making the Korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons, adding that speed is not a target and that what is happening today is a new step in the right direction.   On the other hand, Pyongyang which is well aware of Trump's deliberate procrastination, has taken two important steps at the same time. First, the door remained open for the United States to enter into negotiations. Here, many news sources reported that Kim had sent a letter to Trump several months ago to improve his country's relations with Washington, but after negotiations between the two sides failed in Hanoi, He isolated many North Korean officials who defended the negotiations. Then in May he traveled to Russia and met Putin in Vladivostok to get Moscow's support. After that meeting, Putin said: North Korea needs security guarantees from the international community to push forward my work Nuclear disarmament ".   In a related context, several news sources reported that Chinese President "Xi Jinping" traveled several weeks ago to "Pyongyang," in a historic visit aimed at strengthening the alliance between the two neighbors, both "Jin Ping" and North Korean leader, "Kim Jong-un " at a time facing challenges with US President" Donald Trump ", And Jin Peng, the first Chinese president to visit North Korea in 14 years, after relations between the Cold War allies deteriorated over Pyongyang's nuclear provocations and the Chinese president's subsequent support for international sanctions against North Korea. The two sides are seeking to improve relations. The North Korean leader has visited his Chinese ally four times in the past year while Beijing calls for easing the sanctions. However, the Chinese leader waited a while before reciprocating the visit, betting on the time to see the development of the Kim-Trump nuclear talks before deciding to travel to Pyongyang. In the latter, it can be said that given Pyongyang's pessimism about Washington's intentions and Trump's failure to fulfill its previous promises, it is certain that the new Trump policies toward North Korea are merely propaganda gestures aimed at maintaining US allies, winning American votes and persuading Pyongyang that there are future talks.

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