Is President Trump's mental state deteriorating?
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Is President Trump's mental state deteriorating?

Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks while commenting on Trump’s comments on his recent summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, immigration and trade war in which he imposed punitive tariffs on allies and adversaries.   “What is most disturbing about this president is that the American people elected a 70-year-old child. King Tut was the boy king, but his excuse is that he died very young. Trump is a child in an older man’s body having the mentality of a grade-schooler and his finger on the nuclear button. Not a good combination!” Hoenig said. “To such a child, it’s never his fault. When things go his way, he’s on a roll. But when things go sour, he doesn’t accept the responsibility or failure. On top of this, he’s a serial liar. Whether it be the size of his inauguration to whether he paid off a porn star, anything that makes him look good is highlighted, exaggerated, or even invented. It’s when things don’t go his way that it’s someone else’s fault. He even said in an interview that he tells the truth whenever he can. The obvious follow up question, that never arose, was, ‘So all the other times you’re lying?’ In many ways, the media has enabled him and encouraged him to not grow up,” he said. “The latest failure was the summit in Hanoi with North Korea. We don’t yet know the full story as to why it failed but according to Trump, Kim wouldn’t accept certain conditions regarding sanctions. Likely not true, as reports are coming out that the Korean delegation tried a last ditch effort to keep the dialog going,” he stated. “Where do we go from here? He’ll never reach a level of maturity fitting a US president. And he still has his stalwart supporters standing behind him, even when his childishness is on full display. But with world leaders distancing themselves from him and most Americans now see him as corrupt, the best we can do at the moment is try to minimize whatever damage he can cause and not take him seriously. He has not earned the respect that even a mediocre president has garnered,” the analyst concluded.

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