Iran has made notable achievements after 1979 Islamic Revolution, Hezbollah chief says
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Iran has made notable achievements after 1979 Islamic Revolution, Hezbollah chief says

“Iran was under the significant influence of the United States during the [ousted monarchical] Pahlavi regime, and was Israel’s closest ally as well,” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said as he addressed his supporters via a televised speech broadcast live from the Lebanese capital Beirut on Wednesday evening. “This was the case until a courageous man (late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini) came out of Qom after years and years of observation, and stood against the Pahlavi regime’s dictatorship and its complete submission to the US,” Nasrallah added. The Hezbollah chief then underscored that late Imam Khomeini had no personal benefits in leading the revolution, and merely sacrificed his life for the sake of Allah. Nasrallah went on to say that the late founder of the Islamic Republic and anyone who supported his struggle suffered oppression and imprisonment at the hands of the Pahlavi regime, describing Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution as one of the most influential events both at regional and international levels. “The Pahlavi regime used to serve Americans’ interests in the region. It was seeking to forge broader relations with the US and Israel. The regime presented the worst form of dictatorship in the Middle East,” the Hezbollah secretary general pointed out. “The divine nature and essence of the 1979 Islamic Revolution distinguishes from other uprisings [in the world]. Late Imam Khomeini led the revolution against the poverty created by the Pahlavi regime. People from all strata of the society participated in it as it was an uprising of the oppressed against injustice,” Nasrallah said. He highlighted that Iran achieved genuine independence after the Islamic Revolution, and is now one of the few regional countries that makes independent decisions. The Hezbollah leader said Iran has made great achievements under the rule of  the Islamic Jurisprudence, and is now leading in the region concerning the number of university students, international researchers and scholars, share of science production besides activities in the fields of nanotechnology, space technology and sports. “Iran is currently ranked second in the world in terms of stem cell research. The Islamic republic now produces more than 97% of its medical drug needs. It produces over 95% of its required military hardware, and exports five billion dollars worth of munitions annually,” Nasrallah highlighted.

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