Why Is Israel Worried of Hezbollah Chief’s Comments?
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Why Is Israel Worried of Hezbollah Chief’s Comments?

In his comments to Al-Mayadeen news network, Nasrallah warned that Israeli regime's continued aggression into Syria will push the region into a new massive confrontation. Tel Aviv's claims about destroying Hezbollah's tunnels into the occupied Palestinian territories were also subject of the interview. Highlighting that the Israeli Operation Northern Shield to destroy the tunnels was of no avail, he said that the Lebanese resistant movement had pinpoint-accuracy missiles and rockets that could hit any part of the occupied territories. Sayyed Nasrallah added that it is possible any time that in Syria the Syrian leaders and the allied Axis of Resistance make a decision to respond to the Israeli violations. Netanyahu Reaction: Psychological warfare As the media widely covered Nasrallah’s comments in which he enumerated the Israeli losses on the ground, the Israeli Prime Minister, whose cabinet is on the brink of collapse, claimed that Hezbollah leader was in confusion for three reasons: the “tremendous” success of the Israeli Northern Shield Operation, the financial woes Hezbollah had, and the “lethal strength” of the Israeli forces. He argued that the recent operation cut part of the movement’s operation clout. He also linked what he called Hezbollah financial worries to the US pressures on Iran as its supporter. Why is Netanyahu worried? It was obvious that Netanyahu reaction stemmed from a resounding worry about Nasrallah warning about the capability to target any part of the occupied Palestine. The comments were so influential that made Netanyahu move to make baseless claims against the Resistance front. But what is making the Israeli PM so anxious after Hezbollah warning?  1. Nasrallah words translate into actions The Hezbollah secretary-general’s remarks have never been propagandistic. The past experiences show that he does what he promises to do. In 2006, just before the Israeli large-scale attacks on Lebanon, Nasrallah warned of a tough response. He materialized the promise by firing barrages of missiles into the occupied territories, along with his fighters showing remarkable resistance to the Israeli 33-day aggression. When foreign-backed militants and terrorists attacked Syria, Hezbollah head vowed to fight using maximum power against the foreign-backed terrorists. He did so in Syria, also distancing the danger from Lebanon. So, now that he warns Tel Aviv of igniting a new war in the region which will draw missile response against the Israeli cities, he means it. 2. Hezbollah rocket power Another part of the Israeli concerns is linked to Tel Aviv knowledge of the Resistance front’s missile capabilities in the region. In November 2018 Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip, Netanyahu's cabinet three days after the start of the war said it accepted a ceasefire deal with Hama, the Palestinian group ruling the enclave. The truce announcement drew massive anger inside the Israeli regime with many disappointed with the defeat in the face of the Palestinian group. Despite the Israelis’ boasting about their “invincible” Iron Dome air defense system which is specially developed to address rockets fired from Gaza, during the three days many targets in the Israeli cities were hit by rockets, proving the Iron Dome to be only a bragging tool. Hezbollah rocket power gives the Israelis similar reason to be worried, especially that Hezbollah certainly has bigger rocket capabilities. The Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), a Washington-based pro-Israeli think tank, which hosts a number of former American military commanders, in a report discussed Hezbollah massive missile capabilities, saying “today Hezbollah possesses more firepower than 95 percent of the world’s conventional militaries and more rockets and missiles than all European NATO members combined.” The report adds that Tel Aviv now faces a challenge not seen in any other part of the world. JINSA report adds that Hezbollah owns between 120,000 and 140,000 rockets. The number of rockets and missiles was, the website adds, in 2006 about 10,000. Add to this an unclear number of short-range missiles, mid-range rockets, and hundreds of pinpoint-accuracy missiles. 3. Tel Aviv’s strategic weakness Over the past months, an issue that more than any other thing put to show the Israeli weakness was the news of Israeli discovery of tunnels in the south of the occupied territories with Lebanon. Although the regime's army linked the tunnels to Hezbollah, the Lebanese movement officially denied any links. But the very building of the underground structures, some of which are said to be able to accommodate light vehicles, more than any other thing displayed Israel's weakness. The tunnels, with regard to their length and depth were not built in a short time. Rather, they are projects of several years. The claims about tunnels discovery came while Tel Aviv was in a war with Gaza. Netanyahu, taking the tunnels as a pretext, accepted the ceasefire with Gaza. But the ceasefire has a reality to unveil: The Israelis, due to the geographic conditions and the lack of strategic depth, are not in a position to fight on two fronts simultaneously. Once they engage with Hezbollah, the escalation will not stop at the northern front. Other fronts, mainly from Syria and Gaza, could be opened against Tel Aviv. In such a situation, the Israeli regime can hardly survive lethal strikes. So, the engagement in a multi-front war, from north, south, and east, can result in a serious threat to the very existence of the Israeli regime.  

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