US tensions with China, Russia rise
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US tensions with China, Russia rise

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Beijing will prioritize developing cooperation between its armed forces and those of other countries, including America’s. “Also — looking at the bigger picture for our countries — if what we mutually seek is a partner, then we will likely get a partner. But if what we seek is an adversary, then we will certainly get an adversary.” Lu said on Thursday. Pentagon under Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan has reportedly made efforts to counter China as his top priority. Shanahan said he’s committed to carrying out President Donald Trump’s vision at the Pentagon, which includes protecting Taiwan and the South China Sea from what he called Chinese military aggression. China Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, hit out at a travel warning issued by the US, saying it does not stand. Washington, on Thursday, warned Americans to “exercise increased caution” when traveling to China and “exercise increased caution due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu said Beijing always welcomes foreigners, including Americans, but expects them to respect and abide by Chinese law. “The US has used various excuses to place obstacles for Chinese citizens entering the US, and conduct checks with no reason. This is a problem America should attend to and rectify. We also hope that the US can do more to promote mutual exchange and trust between the people, not the opposite.” Lu told a news briefing in Beijing on Friday. Former US marine charged with espionage in Russia In the meantime, diplomatic tensions continue to rise between the US and Russia, which has charged a former US Marine with espionage. Russia’s FSB state security service arrested Paul Whelan in Moscow on suspicion of carrying out an act of espionage late last month. Later, the Russian authorities brought formal espionage charges against him on Thursday, said Interfax news agency, citing an informed source. If convicted, Whelan could face sentences of between 10 and 20 years in prison. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded explanation over the arrest on Thursday. The relations between Moscow and Washington have already been tense over several issues, including the Ukrainian crisis, the foreign-sponsored war in Syria and the allegations of Russian interference in the US presidential poll in 2016.

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