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Salaamu alaikumAt present, Jamaat On Line consists of an older husband/wife team dedicatd to the idea of gathering American Muslims together with the common goal of creating a Jamaat (community) centered around what is often considered the mundane needs of its constituents. Why is this important? While all sustanence comes from Allah, we are aware that Allah tasked us with putting forth our own efforts to obtain that sustenance. The success of that effort is in the hands of Allah.
We are not FACEBOOK, twitter or pinterest!  Our goal is to eventually displace these services with our own. An Islam centeric platform that provides a safer interaction with out the underlying operendi of those seeking to guide you to their agenda's goals rather than the agenda of Allah. So many Muslims are entrapped by that wich they do not see. At Jamaat On Line our agenda is Islam and a unified Ummah insha'allah, or at least as close to that as we can become.  Help us get there by giving Jamaat On Line some of your FaceBook time instead. Maybe you will even find a home here that is safe for you and your family, and an online community that will encourage the right lifestylle and aqidah, rather than the lifestyle and aqidah of others, even that of Shaytan. And oh yeah, the evil one has a definate hand in all of this main stream Social Media.  Insha'allah,You will not find the likes of a Zuckerberg, Soros, or Netanyaho behind our cutain, just ordinary Muslims trying to get into the jennah!
Living in America, we see an awful lot of indegence, or near indegence going around and this state of affairs has not left the Muslim ummah untouched. And given the state of affairs in the American Economy and where the Corporate/Banking Deep State interests are taking us we believe that we as a united ummah need to get a grasp on our own Resources, Means of Production and Education thus freeing ourselves from the bondage of the Corporate/Banking Deep State interests.
Ultimately we hope to encourage the establishment of Intentional Communities whose goals are to establish our Islamic Selves in the land.