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Friday, July 3, 2015
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Ramadan Mubarak!

Welcome to

There are social groups where members can interact vary similar to twitter or facebook. And, insha'Allah you can even broadcast your activity to all of your other favorite social sites if you wish.

There are also Threaded Discussions on the Forums page and threaded discussions within the Social Groups as well.

There are aggregated RSS feeds from other Islamic Sources so that you can see what's going on elsewhere.

There are, of course, JOL Blogs where we hope, with the help of Allah(swt), that we can build up a healthy community of bloggers.  Want to write about something? Send us Feedback about your ideas for an article.

There will also be photo galleries associated with the social groups where members will be able to post halal Photographs.

And, of course we are open to suggestions as to what you might like to see here....

Insha'Allah, enjoy Jamaat On Line

The Jamaat On Line community provides social within an Islamic context. That is to say that we do our best to keep improper speech and behavior from being used within the context of JOL services including the Social Networking areas. 

Under the Community menu item you will, insha'allah, find facebook like functionality in the group areas. The group areas have  journal, photo gallerias, and group specific discussion forums.

Under the Forums menu item we have discussion forums on a variety of subjects that we hope, Allah Willing, that you will participate in and find useful and perhaps even enjoyable in your quest to stay on the siraltul mustaqeem!

And we are always interested in your feedback with suggestions and encouragement.


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